December Update

Duct insulation repair (12/21/18)

• Two of our three roofs have been repaired/replaced. Tabor Roofing will begin the work on the Jennings Hall roof (metal) next week, with scheduled completion the following week

• The Interior Design Team (IDT) (Sandy Smith, Pam Cameron, Susie Parker, Shannon Tingley, and Pastor Jonathan) has been busy making decisions on flooring, paint, window coverings, lighting, etc.

• Concurrently, Greg Uhl (General Contractor), has been visiting our facility regularly and meeting with sub-contractors and members of the IDT. Greg is working to estimate the costs of the IDT’s “wish list” items to improve our facility, while simultaneously securing the necessary sub-contractors for the work.

• Materials arrived this week for the new suspended ceiling to be installed in the last four classrooms on the picnic shelter end of the main building.

• Work has been completed repairing the insulation around the HVAC ducts in the main building.

• Some of our members have been busy organizing, storing, and discarding items from Jennings Hall. We are in the process of planning a workday for January in order to continue this effort. Stay tuned for more info.

• Danny Davidson removed, dusted, and boxed the hymnals and Bibles from the sanctuary pews. This is in preparation for refinishing the pews.

• Hurricane relief contributions large and small from concerned individuals, congregations, and other community businesses, continue to arrive. Last week we received a $2500 donation from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance via the Presbytery of Coastal Carolina. So far, we have received close to $10,000 in donations.

• We thank you for your continued patience. While all the work currently being done may not be immediately visible, work is happening, and crucial plans and decisions are being made.

• Any questions may be addressed to members of the IDT, the Property Team (Wayne Taylor, Chris Tingley, Jimmy Brigman), Ed Scharff, or Pastor Jonathan.

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