"I'm about to do a new thing...

...declares the Lord!" (Isaiah 43.19) God is speaking through the prophet, many believe, about the coming Messiah. But we also believe that God is always doing new things, and for our congregation, it means returning to a practically new church facility after an almost eight-month absence. Amen? Much work is taking place this week and next, in anticipation of holding worship on May 19. Here are some highlights:

The PEWS are BACK! They are being individually re-assembled by hand by the folks from Kivett's

Todd (& son) from Church Organ Services prepare to re-hang the chimes

• Early next week, the piano will be moved back into place on the chancel (and tuned), followed later in the week by the organ.

• Wayne Taylor has been working at re-installing the various components of the sound system.

• STAY TUNED for an announcement about worship on May 19!

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