It's been a busy week at CFPC...

Interior restoration work in the Sanctuary began officially last Wednesday, and it's been exciting to witness how much work has taken place in such a short time. Here's a quick recap:

• All of the pews have been disassembled and removed to a offsite location in Clinton where they are being refinished and reupholstered

• The organ chimes have been professionally removed from the chancel wall.

• Drywall has been installed over the wood paneling on the side walls of the chancel from floor to ceiling This is an enhancement designed to lighten up the interior of the sanctuary.

• A new code-compliant balcony wall has been constructed.

• Electricians have also been working in the sanctuary running new wiring for planned electrical/lighting upgrades.

• The stairs to the balcony have been removed and a new code-compliant staircase is being constructed

And this is all in one week! Take a look...

The two-person team from Kivett's Fine Church Furniture in Clinton painstakingly disassemble the pews (Note the new balcony wall in the background)

The old staircase to the balcony has been removed and a new safer, code-compliant staircase is being constructed

Todd Whitfield (Church Organ Services) removes hanging organ chimes from chancel wall

In addition to all of this work, contracts have been signed for the flooring and window coverings! We're on our way!! Thanks for checking in and for your patience.

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