UPDATE: Week of March 25...

The restoration process is sailing along! Work continues on a daily basis and things are truly coming together. That light at the end of the tunnel is brighter than it has been in months. We are grateful to God for all of the talented craftspeople who are working on our facility. Some recent highlights:

• One coat, two coats, three coats, four...Painting in the sanctuary. The cinder block and drywall have received multiple coats, and the crew is working on priming (or in some cases , staining) the other surfaces (railings, trim, etc.)

• Electricians have re-wired the lighting panel on the wall of the sanctuary chancel, swapping out the old-style breaker switches for standard ones. Along with hanging new sconces in the hallways. The sconces are on a separate switch to provide an alternative to the new LED panels in the ceiling.

• We're having a workday at the church this Saturday (March 30) with the focus on outdoor items such as pruning shrubs, picking up debris, cleaning gutters, etc. We'll be starting at 2:00 pm, so bring your own tools and join us!

Mike from Hanover Coatings painting trim on the new balcony wall

Stained wood rail on the new balcony wall

New light switches replace the old-style breaker switches in the chancel. These switches control all of the lights in the sanctuary

New sconces provide a pleasant alternative to the new LED ceiling panels

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