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“For everything there is a season.  A time for every matter under heaven.”  

(Ecclesiastes 3)


Including a time for renovation!


The Church building is not God’s house.  We often hear it called that, but we are God’s house.  God’s house is not bricks and mortar, it is flesh and blood. Cape Fear Presbyterian Church would still exist even if we didn’t have a building. But we are fortunate to have a building,  and our facility has served us well for the better part of 60 years.   However, there are certain areas that are in need of renovation. Our facilities are a gift handed down through the decades. Let us continue stewarding God’s resources by making sure that our facility remains relevant and safe for the generations to come.


The Session is in the preliminary stages of a facility improvement project.  The work that we must undertake is repair to the flat roof on main building, as well as re-sealing the metal roof of Jennings Hall.  However, the Session is aware that there are other areas of our facility that need improvement. 


This is where you come in.  Rather than compile our own list, we would like to hear suggestions from you about areas of our facility that you feel need repair, replacement, or refurbishment.  


Please use the contact form to the right to share your ideas. Be as specific as possible about the project, including the name of any contractor you recommend, and your name should we have further questions. 

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