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The restoration work begins

Over the weekend of September 14-16, Hurricane Florence ravaged the community of Wilmington. Wind was certainly an issue, but more so, the endless rain. As a result, our church facility suffered extensive wind and water damage. Classrooms in both buildings, along with the sanctuary, had soaked carpet and ceilings. In the days after the storm, mold began to form, further damaging these rooms.

Within a week of the storm, in conjunction with our insurance company, work began to restore our facility:

• ServPro crews gutted the damaged classrooms, tearing out carpet and wet ceilings; They relocated all salvageable furnishings to Jennings Hall and disposed of the rest; Soon the work of drying out the facility will begin.

• Roofers have temporarily covered the roofs of the Sanctuary, Main Building, and Jennings Hall to keep out any future moisture;

• A technician removed the organ from the sanctuary;

Stay tuned for regular updates

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